WrappedBum Initiative

BLFA provides diapers and wipes to immigrant low-income new mothers in calgary
With the increase of cost of food, a new mother should not worry about how to feed her family and then where to get the diaper for her new born
Being a new commer, new mother away from home is stressful. BLFA provide support to relieve the burden
Raising Funds to Purchase Diapers and Wipes (2021)​

In April 2021, we kicked off our WrappedBum fundraiser to provide diapers and wipes to low-income immigrant mothers in Calgary. For many of these mothers, the financial burden of relocating to a new country and the challenges of finding a job during the pandemic, makes it difficult to purchase some necessities associated with caring for a newborn.

Partnership with Immigrant Services Calgary (2021)​

In May 2021, following our fundraiser, we successfully organized our first WrappedBum event in Calgary. To expand our reach and ensure that low-income mothers across the city of Calgary benefit from this initiative, we partnered with Immigrant Services Calgary, a local non-profit organization, and donated over 50 boxes of diapers and wipes to mother’s within their network.

Door-to-door Distribution of Diapers in Calgary (2021)​

Additionally, our amazing team of volunteers went door-to-door in Calgary to deliver boxes of diapers and wipes to mother’s within BLFA’s network, who had expressed a need. We continue to accept donations towards WrappedBum to help reduce the burden on low-income mothers in caring for a newborn.